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Complete Tree Care & Management

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Tree Trimming

We can improve tree health, structure, form and reduce potential hazards with our tree trimming services.

Tree Removals

We remove dead, dangerous, or unwanted trees in a careful and efficient manner.

Stump Grinding

We remove tree stumps quickly, safely and economically, ensuring extra care is taken around gardens.


Peter and his team at Treeway are highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to any service that is tree related. Whether you need tree trimming & pruning, tree removal, stump grinding or more we can help! With over 20 years of experience will ensure you receive a safe, reliable and efficient service. We provide professional tree services for both domestic and commercial customers.

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It’s an immense pleasure of Treeway Tree Services to serve the community with creative and useful tree pruning services that turns the ugly looking trees in attractive ones. We have a vast exposure of tree pruning and cutting trees in Hobart that removes the uneven branches to straighten up the growth and structure of the trees. Our tree pruning services allow you to enjoy cool shades in the summer along with the natural light and air that strikes through the narrow spaces between the branches. Excessive growth of leaves and branches blocks sunlight from your backyard, which needs to be released with our admirable services.


We have secured the place of the best service provider in town, because of the expertise we possess in trimming trees according to the needs and requirements of every specific client. There is not a single method that treats all the trees alike, as we have to tailor different strategies to the varying needs. Meet our experts to have an expert opinion about a small or giant tree in the backyard of your home. Our staff members have the aesthetic sense in thinning the crown of a tree, so that it looks attractive and amazing. Cutting the branches without having a plan will make the crown hollow and useless for the users. Want to learn more about the processes and tools we use for trimming a tree? Call us right away and have the complete insights about the process and our customer friendly pricing.


We specialise in Tree Lopping and Tree Removal services in Hobart. Looking for an Arborist? We handle all aspects of tree pruning, stump removal, tree transplanting, tree cutting, tree felling and tree cabling in Hobart Tasmania


Our Tree services and maintenance includes; tree felling Hobart, tree pruning, tree trimming, re-shaping, dead wooding, land clearing, stump removal, weeding, gardening, landscaping and rubbish removal. We can also provide you with organic mulch and wood chips. If you want to keep some of the logs as firewood, we can arrange for that as well. Treeway staff is always happy to discuss a range of options with clients and based on this we provide a written quotation detailing all works and costs involved. To discuss your tree service requirements, please contact us by email or call us on 0452 184 408

Tree Stump Removal

Treeway Tree Services is a top notch service provider of Tree Stump Removal in Hobart with recognition to the highest quality standards in Tasmania. The stump seems to be small on the surface, but is deeply rooted beyond the imagination of a layman. We assure you complete grinding of the stump without digging deep.


We have a team of highly experienced and notable professionals, who have successfully removed the stumps without any hurdle. They are well trained and groomed to operate the state of the art machinery for grinding the stump, evacuating the dirt and levelling the ground like a stump never existed there. The core ambition of Treeway Tree Services is to make available reliable and trustworthy tree care services. We are dedicated to vanish all your worries that are associated with the stump that creates discomfort in your routine activities. To ask for a free price estimate or reserve a session, please talk to one of our courteous representatives.