Trimming and pruning is an integral component of maintaining healthy and safe trees around your property. Potentially dangerous and unhealthy trees can be managed by monitoring, formative pruning, bracing and regular removal of dead wood. You can rely on our ability to prune your trees to maintain or improve their look, shape and structural integrity.


Whilst we always suggest its best to preserve your tree through management, sometimes removal is necessary. We remove trees in a careful and efficient manner, using the latest and most advanced equipment, helping to increase safety and reduce costly man hours. We understand that safety, aesthetics and tidiness of your outdoor environment are also important. We have the equipment and the expertise to remove trees carefully and efficiently across Southern Tasmania.


Fallen or removed trees will leave an unsightly and potentially dangerous stump behind. Failing to remove a stump can have adverse consequences for your garden. Old tree’s roots can send out numerous sprouts, which can spread quickly, become deep-rooted, and before you know it, will turn into new trees. Our stump grinding service will reduce your stump to small wood chips that be used as mulch or removed from the property and ensure your stump is gone for good.


Dead wooding is the safe removal of any the dead wood from the tree. Dead wood can be a breeding ground for disease, fungus and insects, which can inhibit your trees growth. Dead wood falling from your trees canopy can also pose as significant danger to the public and property. Let Tree Way remove deadwood from your trees to create a safe environment and encourage healthy growth.


Tree Way offers a wood splitting service to quickly and easily turn the wood from your tree work into cut and split firewood. Firewood can be expensive so why not use the wood from your tree to heat you over the cold winter periods.


Tree Way offers a mulching/chipping service throughout the Southern Tasmania. With our range of trucks and chippers of different sizes, we can access all sites to chip any fallen trees, or branches as well as any trees and branches you may have cut yourself. Get in touch with Tree Way if you are interested in purchasing mulch.


If you need trees formally assessed for liability, safety or council purposes, Tree Way’s consultancy and arboriculture services can help. Providing a safe environment for all people on a property is the obligation of the owners and property managers. Tree way can provide you with a management plan to ensure that you are maintaining a safe environment and meeting regulations

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